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Ability to create simulated boards for tests

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Priority: major Milestone: MCUSim-0.2
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We usually create a PCB in real life to test our ideas or proof a concept.

There could be an interactive script called to create a specific directory which will contain a set of scripts and binaries to run a specific model/configuration of MCU wired together with simulated peripherals. User will be easily able to power up this board running a generated script

This board concept will help us to test simulator features and existing firmwares.

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mcusim-avr-board script generates a board directory which is hard-wired with the current location, i.e. run-board (part of a generated board) script won't be able to run the board if the whole directory moved. This board generating script can be modified relatively easy to produce location-independent boards, I guess.

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I'd also want to have a text file with configuration of a board stored in the root of the board directory. I'd let user examine configuration which was used to produce the board initially.

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New mcusim API for Lua-based models implemented to configure device models and write test scripts easily:

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Script to generate a configuration run file is available sinse 0.1.54 and modified to use temp files in 0.1.56. I'm happy with this version and ready to mark this ticket as fixed now.

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Resolution: fixed
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