May 11, 2018:

2:52 PM Ticket #18 (avr - ATMEGA8A: Configure by setting fuse bytes and lock bits) created by dsl
It's necessary to take into account any simulation-significant changes …

May 7, 2018:

6:48 PM Ticket #15 (mcusim-tests - Ability to create simulated boards for tests) closed by dsl
6:43 PM Ticket #1 (avr - ATMEGA8A: 8-bit Timer/Counter0 simulation) closed by dsl

Apr 15, 2018:

3:19 PM Ticket #17 (common-scripts - Create (or find) a tool to check file in 8-bit Intel HEX format) created by dsl
It can be a good idea to check format of the firmware files for mcusim …
1:11 PM Ticket #16 (avr - Update man pages for mcusim-avr and mcusim-avr-board) created by dsl
There is an outdated page avrsim/man/avrsim.1. It should be updated …
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