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    11=== Overview ===
    2 Main purpose of MCUSim is to reproduce microcontroller unit (MCU) within electronic circuit. It is achieved by decoding opcodes and maintaining state of MCU within a program and substituting peripherals (sensors, external RAM, etc.) using external modules written in Lua.
    4 Goal of the project is to simplify firmware debugging of a real hardware when not all of its components are available, affordable or easy to set up and run.
     3 MCUSim is a digital simulator of the 8-bit AVR microcontrollers. It is
     4 written from scratch to assist in circuit simulation, firmware debugging,
     5 testing, and signal tracing.
     7 Simulator can be extended by creating models written in Lua. They may affect
     8 state of a simulated MCU in several ways, e.g. access internal registers,
     9 generate signals on its pins or terminate the whole simulation, and play
     10 roles of the significant parts of a circuit connected to the microcontroller
     11 (external EEPROM, humidity sensor, MOSFET switch).
     13 There is an interactive script also to prepare a simulated MCU instance
     14 which is installed together with the simulator executable. It is particularly
     15 helpful to set up microcontroller for a firmware debugging (via remote GDB
     16 target at localhost:12750) or create a firmware test with Lua models to check
     17 conditions and parameters.
     19 Registers of a simulated MCU can be saved into a VCD (value change dump)
     20 file and read using [ GTKWave] viewer.
    622=== Release version ===
    724Tarball with sources: **N/A**\\
    825ZIP archive with sources: **N/A**\\