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Current version: 0.1.90
Download: tar.gz, zip

Main purpose of MCUSim is to reproduce microcontroller unit (MCU) within electronic circuit. It is achieved by decoding opcodes and maintaining state of MCU within a program and substituting peripherals (sensors, external RAM, etc.) using external modules written in Lua.

Goal of the project is to simplify firmware debugging of a real hardware when not all of its components are available, affordable or easy to set up and run.

Starting Points for Users

Starting Points for Programmers

MCUSim Manual

  1. Preface
  2. Getting Started
    1. General Notes
    2. Install from sources
    3. Simulation example - ATmega8A and Fast PWM (Timer/Counter2)
    4. Simulation example - ATmega8A and Phase Correct PWM (Timer/Counter2)
  3. MCUSim Internals
    1. Main AVR simulation loop
    2. How to add a new AVR microcontroller
    3. Check MISRA C rules

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