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Main purpose of MCUSim is to reproduce microcontroller unit (MCU) within electronic circuit. It is achieved by decoding opcodes and maintaining state of MCU within a program and substituting peripherals (sensors, external RAM, etc.) using external modules written in Lua.

Goal of the project is to simplify firmware debugging of a real hardware when not all of its components are available, affordable or easy to set up and run.

Release version

Tarball with sources: N/A
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Current version

Tarball with sources: mcusim-0.1.92.tar.gz, mcusim-0.1.92.tar.gz.sha1
ZIP archive with sources:,

MCUSim tips and guides

  1. Preface
  2. Getting Started
    1. General Notes
    2. Install from sources
    3. Simulation example - ATmega8A and Fast PWM (Timer/Counter2)
    4. Simulation example - ATmega8A and Phase Correct PWM (Timer/Counter2)
  3. MCUSim Internals
    1. Main AVR simulation loop
    2. How to add a new AVR microcontroller
    3. Check MISRA C rules

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