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MCUSim is a digital simulator of the 8-bit microcontrollers. It is written from scratch to assist in circuit simulation, firmware debugging, testing and signal tracing.

Please note that the AVR chips are aimed at the moment. Feel free to start a discussion about a support of any other family or architecture of the microcontrollers.

There is an mcusim.conf configuration file installed together with the binary and libmsim which can be used to tweak the program. The best way to prepare your own simulation is to copy it to a new directory, adjust the options and run mcusim. Firmware and Lua files can be placed there also.

Scripts written in Lua can be used to represent models of the real devices during a simulation process. They may affect state of the chip in several ways, e.g. access internal registers, generate signals on its pins or terminate the whole simulation, and play roles of the significant parts of a circuit (external EEPROM, humidity sensor, MOSFET switch, etc).

Registers of a simulated MCU can be saved into a VCD (value change dump) file and read using GTKWave viewer.


The latest preview release at GitHub.

MCUSim Guide

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